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What is it?

Workout Tracker is a Notion Dashboard template that makes it easier to track workouts for beginners and more advanced users. It provides a workout planner aswell as a calorie and weight tracker.

What pages do I get?

Workout planner: a calendar where you can plan your workouts daily. There are multiple workouts included to get you started! Each workout consists of multiple excercises and each excercise has there own stats to keep track of.

Calorie tracker: a calorie tracker with daily calorie goals. Calories are automatically added when you select a meal (20+ are included).

Weight tracker: a way to keep track of your weight loss (or gain) process and goal.

Body measurements: here you can keep track of your body measurements.

Progress pictures: a page to keep a visual track of all your progress.

Excercices: a list with 70+ excercices (mostly weightlifting) with grouping tags. Here you can also add your goal for each excercice.

Recipes: a list with 20+ meals and recipe links. Macro's and total calories are also included.

Helpful tools: some third party tools I find useful. I am not affiliated to any of these.

Can I duplicate it?

Yes! With this template you can add your personal Workout Tracker to your own Notion account. I just ask not to replicate the pages in other dashboards word for word.

More information?

You can always send me a message on Twitter @GregoryStrbt. Feedback is always appreciated and you can suggest new features.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional trainer - I am not certified in any way dealing with fitness. Included workouts are not tailored to your specific needs. Always excercise with the necessary precautions.

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A workout tracker dashboard for your own Notion account.

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Workout Tracker - Notion

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